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A raw Cacao-based formulation enhanced with brain-boosting medicinal Mushrooms, elevating superherbs, nootropics, and adaptogens to liberate the mind of old ways of thinking, awaken the spirit, and invigorate the body.

This formula ignites pleasure pathways familiar to the chocolate lover. Light and nourishing in its own way, Cacao-high works for us on the deepest level, from the inside out-awakening, enlivening, and igniting the spark within. As each sip passes your lips and ignites your smile, revel in the knowledge that you are raising your consciousness through taste and intention.

+ Medicinal Mushrooms for mental clarity & focus

+ Superherbs for energy & stamina

+ Adaptogens for immune & stress support + Nootropics for wakefulness & brain function

*Raw Cacao, *Coconut Cream, *Maca Root, *Mesquite,

*Lucuma, *Lion's Mane Mushrooms, *Astragalus Root,

*Cordyceps Mushrooms, *Cayenne Pepper, Himalayan Sea Salt.


TESTER SIZE: 3 serving pouch.

Super Brew | ENTHUSiasm