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Soul Primer- Building Blocks of the Soul by Cate Schultz


A Message from the author:


The world as we know it is rapidly changing.

In some ways, it seems there is a greater darkness emerging as violence and desperation continue to erupt in corners of the globe and millions of people suffer from hunger, homelessness, and hopelessness.

In other ways, it seems there is a greater light shining as people are awakening to a better way, a way that is filled with love, inclusiveness, and spiritual wholeness.

The question is: How to change from living in darkness to living in light?
If you want to be, and want the world to be, shining in the light, then Soul Primer is for you.

Soul Primer is a toolbox for learning and practicing - or relearning and expanding - the skills that lead to a life filled with light, joy, hope, and abundance. Soul Primer makes these vast concepts, and others, accessible to even the busiest person. Designed as a 26-week program, the book guides the reader through one page of text per week (only one page!) with manageable daily exercises for incorporating the skill into your life. True to the ABC format, each concept includes accompanying images, commissioned from local artists, to enhance your experience with the spiritual practice. Whether it be learning to meditate, find joy, be kinder, let go of fears, or any of the 22 other practices, much can be gained by studying and practicing through the pages of Soul Primer.

Many people feel our world is nearing a crisis state, with rising concerns over climate change, refugee populations, economic disparity, continual war, crimes of hate, and more.

Unfortunately, government plans and new regimes cannot, alone, provide the transformation this world needs to survive in peace and prosperity. The only way to truly change from living in darkness to living in light is a sea swell of transformed individuals. One by one, we must each start adopting the types of skills that Soul Primer teaches.

Until we change ourselves, we will never change the world. The change starts with you.

The Evolution of the World starts with, no depends upon, the Evolution of the Individual.

Take the steps now to Be a Force For Good.

And pay it forward so that the transformation of love and well-being spreads across the earth.

To learn more, please go to

Many blessings and Much Abundance, 



Soul Primer- Building Blocks of the Soul

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