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Quartz crystal from the Snoqualmie Region. Some have amethyst in them. Each are one of a kind. One crystal will be hand selected per $15 purchase.

Snoqualmie, a Salish word meaning “moon” is a sacred and powerful place that holds an energy that calls to my spirit. This sacred land assisted me on my path to opening Sacred Cedar. Seeking clarity on the next chapter of my life I went into the forest and down to the waterfall. It was here that my heart knew the next adventure would be becoming an entrepreneur, leaving behind the security I had known and diving into the unknown. Ethically sourcing crystals from this region is an honor and encompasses the meaning of Gifts from the Earth.

**Let this gift from the Earth serve as a reminder that we have yet to see what adventure awaits, just trust.

**Clear Quartz like the moon illuminates the dark known as a light bringer.

**Crown Chakra

Snoqualmie “Moon” Quartz

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