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A fusion of fire and patience, Ruby Zoisite is a beautiful reminder that we pass through plains of energy.

“I am bright-eyed and quick to laugh because my heart is open to joy.”

Zoisite is carved from the deepest green and is one of the most beautiful symbols of the third eye chakra. Those who are stepping already on their spiritual path fall hard for the compassionate energy that Zoisite radiates.

Ruby Zoisite Energy instills laughter, light-hearted joy, strength of character, and a deeper appreciation of life that doesn’t weigh heavy on the heart. Along with bringing a sense of simple joy back into your world, the Ruby Zoisite is also a healer of hearts making it a great stone when dealing with grief.

Ruby Zoisite Tumble

  • 1 piece of tumbled Ruby Zoisite equal to those pictured

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