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The Healing Light candle is an encouraging tool to promote healing and restoration. The scent of Patchouli and Vanilla is warm and comforting and is perfect for creating a soothing and grounding atmosphere to invite peace and harmony into your heart.


Each candle is made with premium organic soy wax and adorned with a sprinkle of Glitter to represent the radiance and vitality of life. Citrine promotes joy, hope, confidence, and abundance. Palo Santo powder offers a healing and cleansing effect, while a Yellow Rose adds a touch of sweetness and compassion to the design.


Use the Healing Light crystal candle during meditation, prayer, or other healing practices to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Set your intentions in aligning your spirit with healing light.


Affirmation: "My mind, body, and spirit are capable of healing."



40+ Hour Burn

Reusable Gold Tin w/Lid

Healing Light