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Earth's Embrace candle is crafted to capture the essence of our planet's beauty, balancing the grounding aroma of Cedar with the floral scent of Lilac.


Made with organic soy wax in a pristine white shade, it symbolizes the soothing and curative energy of nature. Clear Quartz is also known as the “Mothering Stone” to encourage your connection to Mother Earth.


Adorned with Cedar, delicate white roses, and Lavender to celebrate the Earth's diverse and magnificent beauty.


By lighting the "Earth's Embrace" candle, you are encouraged to set your intentions for healing, appreciation, and establishing a deeper connection with our planet and yourself. Allow the Earth's nurturing energy to uplift and support you, reminding you that you are part of a beautiful, interwoven tapestry of life.


Affirmation: “I love my relationship with nature; we heal each other.”




40+ Hour Burn

Reusable Gold Tin w/Lid on

Earth's Embrace