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The Clarity + Cleanse crystal candle combines the refreshing and invigorating scents of Eucalyptus + Sage to create a powerful aroma that clears your mind and awakens your senses—made with premium organic soy wax in a tranquil light blue hue, representing peace, serenity, and clarity.


Adorned with Selenite, a crystal known for cleansing and purifying properties. Sage leaves promote the clearing of the mind and space. Glitter represents the sparkling energy of spirit, while Clear Quartz points amplify clarity and cleansing energy.


Light up the Clarity & Cleanse crystal candle when you need to clear your mind, improve your focus, or purify your space. Allow the refreshing scent and radiant light to uplift your spirits and enhance your mental clarity. Set your intentions and let the crystals and the fragrance assist in cleansing your mind and space.


Affirmation: “I am focused, and I can do anything I put my mind to.”



40+ Hour Burn

Reusable Gold Tin w/Lid

Clarity + Cleanse