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Chrysocolla is a blue green crystal with a high copper content. It is also made up of Malachite, Cuprite, Quartz, Azurite, and Limonite.

The meaning of Chrysocolla is communication, teaching, and transformation.

Heavenly in its calming colors of blue and green, Chrysocolla captures the soft serenity of still water on a golden summers day. Known for lending a helping hand for those who want to tap into their highest truths, Chrysocolla has a gentle flow, inviting you to tune into your own sense of wonder and knowledge and giving you those tools you need to become your own greatest teacher.

Also known as the Teaching Stone, the soft feminine energy of Chrysocolla stirs your curiosity and invites you out to seek higher knowledge. Despite its long illustrious history with emperors and kings, it is believed to be the stone of wise women around the world. It invites women to channel that energy into expression and creativity, to share their knowledge and their truth with the world, and to sit in the serenity of their own soul. It is also said to be the stone of hermits, lending its calming nature to help people stay sweet in feelings of seclusion.

Chrysocolla Tumble

  • 1 piece of Tumbled Chrysocolla equal to photo

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