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Embrace the Beauty of Earth 

Below is a testament of love from the founder of Sacred Cedar to our Mother Earth written at thirteen years old. Let this be an inspiration to you as well as a guide for you on your path to ask your own questions, hold space for, and honor our Mother Earth. 





By Chenoa 




The morning danced in the form of sunshine on my window pane.

I opened the window, and in came the air of you.


It brought freshness to my mind and lungs.


I gathered myself in the brilliance of your skies as I gazed like a child, for I am a child in the presence of you.


You are old, and yet you produce flowers,

trees, grass, and real life.


There upon your wrinkles, in the faces of mountains,

I saw the smiles comparable only to your

ability to show us how simple you are.


Simplicity grows in, around and about you.

In it there exists the bigness of your Heart.


I wanted to hold you, and you allowed this.


I held your gritty sand, your fine rock, 

your soft leaf which clung upon your trees.


You asked only for my concern.


"What concern do I have to give?" I asked.


You simply said, "Give me your concern." 


Instead, I felt a deeper emotion than concern.


It struck me as a rather simple act to give one's concern, 

when I wanted to give more of my complex emotions.


So, I asked myself,

"What shall a simple thing do with my complex emotion?"


Without hesitation I replied,

"Diffuse my complexity by bringing out what is simple in me so that we can communicate once again."


The love of Mother Earth is unique and unlike human emotions, 


which exist tangled until we associate with

a simple being like the EARTH.

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