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Seated on the Swinomish channel,

in La Connor, Washington,

Sacred Cedar Co. emerged.

to be a place of light,

that celebrates the beauty of the Earth,

and it's Artisans.



In our Journey of embracing sacred offerings, we find ourselves humbled by the exquisite beauty of our Earth and the bountiful gifts bestowed upon us by our Creator.

we recognize that we are not alone on this sacred path. We stand united, inspired by the profound wonder of the natural world and the collective spirit that binds us. Our quest to showcase Indigenous artists year-round is a tribute to the Earth's beauty and the diverse tapestry of humanity.


Together, we celebrate the authenticity of artistry and the profound connection that reminds us we are all part of something greater.


Meet Sacred Cedar Co. founder Chenoa – a mother of three and a multidisciplinary artist with ancestry spanning Tlingit, Cherokee, and Norwegian ancestry. Her connection to Mother Earth and its healing properties inspires the unique visions she brings to life, with Sacred Cedar being at the heart.


Chenoa's personal journey of trauma and healing and her academic background in human development, psychology, and social work experience shape her philosophy in holistic healing practices. Her approach provides valuable insights into resilience and the transformative power of nurturing emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.


​"As our lives ebb and flow, so does our relationship with trauma. Our journey of self-discovery and self-realization uncovers the dreams in our hearts, only in need of watering the seed planted there all along". 



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